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    Providing for the unforeseen is what insurance is all about. Let me take the complexity out of insurance and ensure you have all the facts and support to make your decision wisely. See what solutions I can tailor for you:

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5 reasons to talk to an adviser like me!

The Insurance Lady is a Qualified Adviser you can trust
1. I Help You Focus
As an adviser, I am an expert at helping you pinpoint what’s really important to you and your loved ones. I can help you identify situations and issues that you may not have considered.
2. I Have Practical Know-How
I have access to a wide range of insurance solutions. I can help to find the best products in the market for your budget and needs. I can also tell you what others may have done in a similar situation.
3. I Am Impartial
Advisers are regulated when it comes to providing insurance advice. I am not an employee of an insurance company and I sell a range of different insurers’ products - so my advice is impartial.
4. I Know Your Needs Change
Life and priorities change. You might have kids, buy a bigger house or change jobs. I can provide customised advice to help you keep your insurance plans up-to-date to match your changing needs.
5. I Am There When It Counts
If you or your loved ones need to make a claim, I’ll be here for you. My support and assistance through the claim process can make a huge difference during a tough time.

Working together with you

My comprehensive advice service is designed to ensure you feel comfortable dealing with a trusted advisor who can assist you, your family and your business to reach your personal goals.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • Derek


    Deborah has been our adviser for many years and we chose her because of her depth of experience and knowledge. She knew the answer to every question, made us feel at ease and is very down to earth. Highly recommended!

  • Neisha


    Deborah has been my Insurance Lady for the better part of 5 years since 2011. She went out of her way to help me get my insurance claim sorted when my husband fell ill. She goes above and beyond. I'm always left feeling that I am more than just a dollar figure to her. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Ruth


    The insurance lady worked tirelessly to find a solution which was both within budget and suited our blended family (not a straight forward task). Deborah spends the time listening to you to make sure she will be providing the right and best cover available to keep you and your family protected.

  • Teresa

    Upper Hutt

    Deborah helped us to make some useful and practical changes to our policies. She is knowledgeable in her field and easy to talk to which is extremely important. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Deborah.

  • Becky


    Before, we didn't even think having life insurance was important at our age, however after talking with Debbie, we now see that as a young family in the farming industry it was essential to protect our lifestyle and ourselves.

    5 / 5

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