Deborah Wall – The Insurance Lady

I have been an independent Financial Adviser with AA Life and The Insurance Lady since 2010, having worked from 2000 to 2010 in the financial services industry with Westpac, AXA, and Asteron.  Part of my work is also as a Business Consultant for SME companies within New Zealand.

I love the great outdoors and am regularly on a farm, in the bush or up the mountain skiing.

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LinkedIn – Dedicated Insurance adviser working with the top underwriting companies in New Zealand. Come to me for an unbiased, solution based comparison of the best providers.

Asteron – Supported Financial Advisers in Auckland achieve growth of business and sales. Facilitated workshops delivering product and business development tools. Onsite and phone-based technology support. Analytical reporting.


What Inspires Me

I have personally seen claim situations occur both with insurance cover and without – to my family members and also close friends.

This gives me a level of understanding that is invaluable in your situation.

As we all know, insurance is vital for you at claim time so your Financial Adviser must have your best FUTURE needs in mind.

Combine this with my extensive industry knowledge and experience means that when recommending solutions I am always thinking of you: your dynamics and how any package will work for you at claim time.

My biggest wish is…

that all New Zealanders get insured.

My second biggest wish is…

that you never need to use it.