A family can mean so many things these days. Whether you are single, married, gay or straight, The Insurance Lady can help you. IĀ understand that insurance can be complex and has a multitude of options. My approach starts from the understanding that you do not fit in a box and I cater our approach based on your individual needs.

We spend our lives working hard to build our private empires and we want to know they can be protected. And lets face it… insurance is never the easiest thing to figure out. That’s why I am here for you. Free!


Types of Personal Insurance available

Life for homes, debt, spousal income, pipe dreams, lifestyle and funeral planning
Trauma for income while recuperating, additional expenses from traumatic events, covering medications or surgery flights for ground breaking medical procedures
Income Protection for keeping the food on the table while you are sick, injured or disabled
Health for getting the best treatment quickly
TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) for any purpose should you become permanently disabled
Mortgage Protection for keeping the mortgage, rates and home insurance paid while you are sick, injured or disabled

For more information about any of these types of coverā€¦ just ask!