Our Six Step Process

Providing for the unforeseen is what insurance is all about.

Let me take the complexity out of insurance and ensure you have all the facts and support to make your decision wisely.

In New Zealand we pour our lives into our homes, work, children and businesses. What happens when we stand to lose everything we have worked so hard for?

I care about providing a customised solution for your unique circumstances.

I have a Six-step Process designed to ensure the right solutions is achieved for you. Because of my robust reporting structures within the process you can rest assured that years after our conversation you will easily be able to recall the exact reasons for taking the cover you did.

As life changes The Insurance Lady will be there.

Why choose The Insurance Lady…

My comprehensive advice service is designed to ensure you feel comfortable dealing with a trusted advisor who can assist you, your family and your business to reach your personal goals.

I believe a simple approach with a focus on the long term relationships is the only way to assist you.

Call today for a complimentary review of your insurances, or fill in the no-obligation, free quote form below.

Protect the most important things in your life – your family, income, and your assets from financial loss.